Collection: Bare by Vogue

Bare by Vogue Williams

Vogue proudly hails from Howth, Dublin and first began her successful career in 2010. She has since created documentaries for RTE, DJ’d for top events, and continues to work with amazing brands including Diet Coke, Estee Lauder, Iconic London and Marks and Spencer.

There is a self-tanning product for everyone because it is cruelty-free, safe to use during pregnancy, and comes in a variety of tan strengths. All products are manufactured in Ireland and the UK. For those who like to add a hint of glow to their natural skin tone, there are lighter colours available, and for those who want a more dramatic and profound effect, there are darker and ultra-dark possibilities.

The products are designed to work with various skin tones, lifestyles, and tanning capacities. For those who are new to tanning, there are mild face mists that are quick, simple, and effective. In addition to foams, the rapid tanning treatments have no development period, making them ideal for people who need a glow right now.

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