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Founded in 2013, Gleeson's Pharmacy has been a staple chemist in Tuam, Co. Galway. Gleeson's Pharmacy is a locally ran independant pharmacy providing services for the community. Call in store for prescriptions, advice, and high quality products. Pick-up your favourite beauty, skincare, hair care products and more online today.


  • Prescriptions

    At Gleeson’s Pharmacy we are happy to organise your prescription. Learn more about prescriptions below.

    About Prescriptions 
  • Health Screening

    Regular checks and health screenings is key to wellbeing and detecting any issues early. Our Pharmacists are happy to assist with any of your concerns.

    Health Screening 
  • Vaccinations - Cold/Flu

    We provide Covid-19 booster vaccines and col/flu shots too. To book an appointment, get in touch with us or call in store.

  • Passport Photos

    Call in and get your passport photos taken. We can upload them directly to IDstation Online, send them to your email, or print them instore. No appointment needed.

    Passport Photos 
  • Online Store

    Discover our extensive range of medicine, vitamins, healthcare, skincare, fragrances and beauty products. Shop the ranges today.

    Online Store 
  • Multidose Packaging

    Need help packaging multiple medications? We can multidose package your medication and organise it by date and time.

    Multidose Packaging 
  • Long Term Care Service

    We provide Medication and consultation pharmacy services to long term care facilities and nursing homes.

    Long Term Care Service 
  • Pulse Oximetry Test

    Pulse oximetry is a non-invasive test that measures the levels of oxygen in your blood. The test will give you an understanding of your lung health.

    Pulse Oximetry Test 
  • Medication Management

    This involves review of your medications, the pharmacist will review, advise counselling, and consultation with the prescribing doctor.

    Medication Management 
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Meet the Team

  • Fergal


  • Abigail


  • Trina

    Pharmacy Technician

  • Emma

    Pharmacist Support

  • Lorraine

    Front of Shop Manager

  • Mary

    Front of Shop Assistant

  • Patricia

    Front of Shop Assistant

Low Carbon Shipping

The addition of our online store is a big step for us. So, choosing the right courier was a big decision. Environmentally concious shipping is a must for us. See why we chose Green-Way Couriers here.

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